The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is a team working across government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). We are providing over £900 million to position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use.

This will contribute to economic growth and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads.

We are working closely with organisations to show them where ULEVs are suitable for their fleets and highlight the benefits and cost savings ULEVs could bring to their business model. We’ve recently launched a new communications campaign working with five different car manufacturers and the SMMT.

We are responsible for:

  • grants to reduce the upfront cost of new ULEVs
  • a programme of research through the Technology Strategy Board and supporting wider green growth opportunities
  • encouraging UK businesses to seize commercial opportunities in the ULEV sector
  • raising awareness, developing and strengthen the capability of ULEV manufacturing, demonstration and the associated UK supply chain
  • a nationwide recharging infrastructure strategy, including funding to eight pilot areas under the Plugged-in Places programme
  • contributing to the development of new carbon dioxide emissions standards

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