GreenFleet LEEDS has now passed. For information on future events in this area please contact

GreenFleet LEEDS is being staged in association with Leeds City Council, and will be held on 13th July at Elland Road Stadium, Leeds.

Industry experts will present keynote presentations on the day, highlighting where Leeds's vision for a greener city, plus the latest on car, van and charging grants. Talking on the day will be senior officials from OLEV, plus the council and combined authority themselves, along with some of the major OEMs producing the vehicles that can make this all a reality.

PLUS… If your organisation is based in Leeds, or nearby, and you run vehicles in and around the city, then GreenFleet LEEDS will demonstrate how this CAN be done in an EV or PHEV, or on the commercial vehicle side, a gas-powered van or truck. Don’t believe us? Come to the event and we can show you how!


  • Do you believe there is a greener way to travel that benefits both the environment and your budget?
  • Do you lack knowledge on EV’s, PHEV’s, Charging and gas powered CVs, and want to find out more?
  • Do you feel as though you are battling excessive fuel and running costs?

If you find yourself answering YES to any of the above questions then YOU must attend the GreenFleet LEEDS event!

This event will enable you and your colleagues to ‘experience’ the vehicles first hand, speak to the manufacturers and solution providers, as well as discuss matters with the UK Government.

Please do not delay and book your place today…Spaces are limited!

Visitors will get the benefit of one-to-one sessions with experts in electric vehicles, recharging infrastructure and gas (vehicles and fuel) all within a day designed to help stimulate the adoption of EV’s and NGV's on the city's streets.

“OLEV are pleased to support the GreenFleet EV and Plug-in vehicle events, as they help to educate UK businesses on the viability of this technology, and stimulate adoption in UK fleets. We would encourage any organisation in the region to attend, where they can then engage with ourselves, the vehicle manufacturers and other innovative solutions providers” - Jonathan Mitchell, Head of Strategy, Office for Low Emission Vehicles(OLEV)

GreenFleet LEEDS will be hosted by TV presenter and motoring journalist, Quentin Willson, and the day consists of TEST DRIVES, group workshops and informative seminars and there will also be a chance to network and share industry knowledge.

The Format

  • Breakfast, all day refreshments and a buffet lunch
  • TEST DRIVE the latest brand new cars and vans, and see the gas truck showcase, from leading brands

  • A gathering of 45+ fleet professionals from the Leeds region and the surrounding areas, with the key players in the EV and NGV market
  • A keynote session from the UK’s leading EV andf NGV leasing specialists, OLEV and Quentin Willson

Don’t delay and book your place today!

For any further information, or to book your FREE place please contact Lauren Matthews at We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.